Global Mentorship Program

One of the Association’s greatest benefits is its Global Mentorship Program. It offers the chance for mentors to give back, and it provides opportunity for those climbing their way up the mountain to get a boost.

The Association understands that the mentor-protégé dynamic is highly satisfying and beneficial to both parties involved, especially when it comes to decision-making and problem-solving in the often hectic and ever-changing working world. No matter where you are in your career, the importance of support is obvious. Some of us need a guiding hand. Some of us feel the obligation to provide that guidance.

We’re providing this special opportunity for Association members so they can perpetuate that relationship within the special realm of Kepner devotees. The synergy between those equipped with the strategic thinking skills taught by Chuck Kepner makes for an even tighter and meaningful bond between mentor and student.

A fully constructed network of Kepner Alumni will provide easy access to those seeking a mentor who can advise, counsel, teach, encourage and lead. Imbued with the confidence and expertise that comes with a mastery of Kepner’s decision-making and problem-solving techniques, our mentors are uniquely qualified to help younger and less experienced professionals navigate through the sometimes perilous territory of a high-tech workplace and the many obstacles it can present.

With membership in the Thinking Dimensions Association, you’ll quickly discover that the Global Mentorship Program component is one of the most valuable assets you can ever have in your personal business portfolio.

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