Kepner Tribute

No effort to bring together the Kepner family of strategic thinkers would be complete without a formal acknowledgement of its patriarch.

Charles Kepner’s ideas have been applied by followers in offices, corporate suites and boardrooms all over the world. Now we want to pry some of those prominent and accomplished leaders out of those places and into cozy venues where we can all get together and discuss the impact and influence of Chuck and his teachings.

Were you personally trained by Charles Kepner? Did you receiving training in Chuck’s techniques through another source? Were any of your clients and customers exposed to Chuck’s breakthrough methods?

Thinking Dimensions Association is reaching out to fellow Kepner alumni to trade stories, swap memories, exchange notes and advice, and discuss how Chuck’s work – from his days as a Rand Corporation researcher in the 1950s through his partnership with Mat-thys Fourie that created Kepner-Fourie – has influenced their lives. If you are interested in helping us document the Kepner story, please email Rebecca.

In March 2015, we’re planning a Kepner Tribute, which will focus more specifically on saying thank you to Chuck and to reflect upon his career. Although Chuck may not be able to attend, his wife Sue will be there, as well as Mat-thys Fourie.

Details on all these events will be announced shortly. For now, keep your calendar clear and pass the word to any Kepner admirers you may already be in contact with. Then make sure to sign up for the reunions and the tribute.

These will be historic, once-in-a-lifetime chances to network and get the most out of your association with Charles Kepner, for now and for the future.

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