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Announcing the Charles Kepner Tribute

A tribute to Charles Kepner

Subscribe to the Kepner Tribute Mailing List to stay up-to-date on the latest Kepner Reunion information! One of the most gratifying and rewarding ways in which you can apply the decision-making prowess you have developed as the result of the training you received from Charles Kepner is to make the decision to attend the Charles Kepner Tribute. In March 2015, Thinking Dimensions Alumni Association will host its first-ever Charles Kepner Tribute (exact dates and times and the site to be announced soon). While there may be similar events in the future, this inaugural Tribute will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. After decades of sharing his expertise in strategic thinking with legions of followers, this represents a rare and unique opportunity for those who have benefitted from Kepner training to give back. The Charles Kepner Tribute will be fun. It will be chock full of accomplished professionals brought together in a relaxed atmosphere to meet each other, swap stories, exchange advice, offer suggestions and network. It will also be a chance for men and women to engage in non-Kepner activities – family talk, golf tales, current events, favorite water-cooler television shows, selfies, etc. In short, it’s an opportunity to make friends and establish business associations. But the overarching purpose of the Kepner Tribute is to present a unified “Thank You” to Chuck. While age and health may prevent him from attending, his wife Sue will be there, as well as his business partner Matt Fourie and other luminaries from the world of business and government. It will be one of those nights that will strain social media from the sheer volume of excited posts emanating from it.

The Kepner Tribute will represent the natural next step in the process of gathering the family together – an occasion with a specific theme and purpose. Imagine all that brainpower in one room. Now imagine it directed with gratitude toward the man who helped develop it. The Kepner Tribute promises to create one of the more electrifying experiences you’ll ever have, and one of the most indelible memories of your life. Subscribe to the Kepner Tribute Mailing List to stay up-to-date on the latest Kepner Reunion information!

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Kepner History

For More Details on the Kepner Tribute Click Here

In the 1950s, Charles Kepner was a researcher at the Rand Corporation. It was there that he began to ponder new ideas in the areas of decision-making and problem-solving. Soon after, he embarked on his own professional journey in management consulting and training services that spanned more than half a century and touched a multitude of lives all across the globe.

In the late 1990s, Kepner teamed with another like-minded visionary, Dr. Matthys Fourie, to form Kepner-Fourie. What this partnership did was take many of the concepts originated by Kepner to another level, involving even more intuitive and time-saving approaches. Kepner-Fourie excelled at teaching a more effective method of problem-solving that involved thinking through a problem to resolve it quickly, efficiently, and permanently. The Kepner-Fourie thinking model is based on the natural thinking patterns of Divergent and Convergent thinking.

Kepner’s methods have been applied by NASA, the CIA and other government agencies as well as many of the top corporations in the world. Fourie’s experience spans 26 years over various industries from Services to Manufacturing in global markets such as the Americas, EMEA, APAC and India.

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Fourie History

Learn about the Fourie History

Dr. Mat-thys Fourie is currently Chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions USA and Thinking Dimensions Singapore and still works selectively with some of his clients. He is also co-author of the KEPNERandFOURIE® methodologies. Dr. Matthys Fourie is a Professional Problem Solver as accredited by the Institute of Professional Problem Solvers (IPPS). He is an author of several books on problem solving and decision making and is co-designer of the KEPNERandFOURIE® Thinking methodologies.

He has over 29 years of Problem Solving and Decision Making experience helping organizations across the world solve some of their most vexing and seemingly unsolvable problems. His expertise has had a significant impact on the bottom line of these businesses. He has worked across a wide spectrum of industries from Automotive, Financial, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Insurance, Airline, Technology and Telecommunications.

He has worked with companies such as Macquarie Group, SASOL, Unisys, SITA, Barclays, RBS, NCS, Singapore Stock Exchange, BMW, VW, Cadbury Schweppes, Westpac, National Australia Bank, Kimberly Clark, Hollister, Stihl Inc. and the U.S. Navy. He is a well-recognized and sought after speaker with various global institutes on topics such as Root Cause Analysis, Decision Making, Innovation and Project Management.

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Turn in your stories

Turn in your stories about Charles Kepner

We know you have stories. We also know that you’re a good person who likes to share. Therefore, we want to hear your stories. All of them. Any story you might have about your association with Charles Kepner and his training would be greatly appreciated.

And we want you to leave them here.

What we want to do is establish a central resource where those trained by Charles Kepner and Kepner-Fourie can go to read about the experiences of others. We believe this will develop into an extremely valuable resource.

There are all kinds of professionals in private business and government at various stages of their careers throughout the world who have benefitted from Kepner training. Each of these individuals has followed his or her own unique path. Each has had experiences unlike anyone else’s. Each has a perspective that is special.

We think reading about each other’s experiences can be a tremendous learning opportunity for anyone, ranging from relative novice to expert.

So that’s why we’d like you to share.

You can tell us anything, from a minor application of a Kepner strategy that helped deal with a problem in everyday life to a massive corporate challenge that was assessed and solved with the help of Kepner’s techniques.

We want to hear it from you.

There is a link below to a form. Just fill in your name, email address and company affiliation. Then in the space below that, write down your stories.

We also know that you’re busy. So if you don’t have time to write, let us know. We’ll arrange to call you and you can tell us your story over the phone. We’ll handle the writing part.

One more thing: This is not just a fun exercise for the moment. These stories will be stored for posterity. It will be like a lending library, with no late fees. Years from now, Association Alumni will still be benefitting from the recounting of your experiences. When you make time to tell us your stories, you’ll also be making history.

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