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Turn in your stories

Turn in your stories about Charles Kepner

We know you have stories. We also know that you’re a good person who likes to share. Therefore, we want to hear your stories. All of them. Any story you might have about your association with Charles Kepner and his training would be greatly appreciated.

And we want you to leave them here.

What we want to do is establish a central resource where those trained by Charles Kepner and Kepner-Fourie can go to read about the experiences of others. We believe this will develop into an extremely valuable resource.

There are all kinds of professionals in private business and government at various stages of their careers throughout the world who have benefitted from Kepner training. Each of these individuals has followed his or her own unique path. Each has had experiences unlike anyone else’s. Each has a perspective that is special.

We think reading about each other’s experiences can be a tremendous learning opportunity for anyone, ranging from relative novice to expert.

So that’s why we’d like you to share.

You can tell us anything, from a minor application of a Kepner strategy that helped deal with a problem in everyday life to a massive corporate challenge that was assessed and solved with the help of Kepner’s techniques.

We want to hear it from you.

There is a link below to a form. Just fill in your name, email address and company affiliation. Then in the space below that, write down your stories.

We also know that you’re busy. So if you don’t have time to write, let us know. We’ll arrange to call you and you can tell us your story over the phone. We’ll handle the writing part.

One more thing: This is not just a fun exercise for the moment. These stories will be stored for posterity. It will be like a lending library, with no late fees. Years from now, Association Alumni will still be benefitting from the recounting of your experiences. When you make time to tell us your stories, you’ll also be making history.

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